What difference is there between the Earth, the Universe, and I? Height and teeth
Watson Henchkins

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What have I learned about the world around me? I have learned I am too small, too brief, and altogether too unknown. I suppose I share these qualities with the Earth in the Universe as well.
Some dude behind me
You call that ‘Taco Night’? No wonder your mother died.
Woodrow Wilson’s mother
My dick itches.
Emily Dickinson

Good point…

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A Slow Venture Into the Future

I’m writing this with this new smartphone I got. I resisted this tech for a long time (didn’t want the extra bill) but I was accosted and challenged by my wonderful girlfriend to “step into the future.”
We’ll see if it will be worth it - I’ll try to make this phone worthwhile. Thank you for indulging me in my selfish rantings.

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